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In June 2016, several participants in a firewalking exercise at a Tony Robbins motivational seminar, were taken to local hospitals after suffering burns. Why would anyone walk across fire, and how do so many thousands of participants at events like Robbins' avoid injury? [caption id="attachment_168130" align="alignright" width="200"]Stephanie Kurokawa Stephanie Kurokawa[/caption]Listen to this 14-minute with Stephanie Kurokawa, a speaker, trainer and volunteer for Tony Robbins. She has successfully firewalked three times at Robbins' events, and shares her thoughts on the benefits of the exercise.
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Katrina Garcia Discusses Online Safety and Social Media

While attending Craig Duswalt’s RockStar Marketing Bootcamp in LA from Sept 18-20, 2014, I met Katrina Garcia, president of KV@Virtually Everywhere.

KV@ – Virtually Everywhere provides social media creation and maintenance, affordable website design, and online safety training.

The online safety training interested me, and I asked her about her experience in that area, as well the story behind her weekly radio show titled, “the SOS Social Online Safety radio show

This is a 12:56-minute show that will introduce you to a good source for website design, social media support, and presentations for both students and adults regarding online safety.

You can contact Katrina at her website,; or via email:

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Have We Written Our Crisis Communications Plan Yet?

In the seven years since the Virginia Tech shooting took the lives of more than 30 students, several other horrific school massacres highlighted the importance of being ready to implement a crisis communication plan to help save lives.

This is an interview I conducted on May 2, 2007 with Gerard Braud, an expert, coach, trainer, author and speaker, who is an expert in crisis communications and media issues. Gerard has been active in the field of communications since 1979. For 15 years, he worked in print, radio and television as a front-line journalist. His affiliate reports have been seen around the world on NBC, CBS, CNN and the BBC.

Since 1994 Gerard has specialized in helping organizations communicate more effectively through media training, crisis communications plans, and employee-manager training. This interview covers the importance of having a crisis communication plan ready. It is as timely today as it was in the wake of the Virginia Tech shooting.

Have We Written our Crisis Communication Plans Yet?

A follow-up interview with crisis communications consultant Gerard Braud, taking a closer look at crisis communications planning two weeks after the Virginia Tech massacre. This is a 12-minute conversation with a crisis communications expert who has helped many organizations prepare for the worst--and has seen firsthand how the lack of crisis planning can be as devastating as the crisis itself.

Braud shares some important ideas--including why text messaging isn't the "answer" in a crisis like the Virginia Tech shootings.

Show Notes

00:00 Intro
00:33 Anyone out there writing a crisis communications plan?
02:00 Communications can save lives!
02:40 This is affordable--and priceless
04:10 An emergency ops plan is NOT a crisis comms plan
06:20 What went wrong at Virginia Tech and why
07:15 Text messaging is not the "end-all, be-all"
08:15 Leadership behavior in a crisis
09:30 "It'll never happen here" and other fairy stories
11:30 Wrap-up

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Commakazi Interview of The Steel Chops

The Steel Chops are a Chicago-area based band whose music crosses several genres. I think I would put them in the country rock genre if I had to pick just one, but that limits it too much! Think Hootie and the Blowfish or the Allman Brothers meet Red Hot Chili Peppers and you would be getting a little closer.

I recently interviewed two members of The Steel Chops, band co-founder and lead singer Joel Hetrick, and guitarist Nicko McCurley. Scott Pucci is the other band co-founder and its rhythm guitarist. The other band members include Sam Bassin, keyboards; Paul Drucker, bass; and Mark Lockett, drums.

Listen all the way to the end of this interview to hear one of my favorite songs by the band: Diamond.

Then download their music from their site, (  from iTunes or from


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Compelling Church Communication

An interview with Kem Meyer, communications director at Granger Community Church, Granger, Indiana, USA

I interviewed Kem Meyer of Granger Community Church during the summer of 2007, just after she had led a day-long communication workshop for church communicators. I also got reactions from some of my fellow workshop participants.

We discussed the similarities and differences between communications produced by a church, by other not-for-profit organizations, and the corporate world.

How does Granger Church manage to be edgy in the often staid world of organized religion? Listen to this 20-minute podcast to get some real insights into what is driving the success of this church as it reaches its community through a different kind of mind-set.

00:00  Interview excerpt and show intro
01:15  Differences between church communications and corporations
02:30  Are church communicators in a rut?
03:50  Communication "Re-Directors"
05:00  When leaders "don't get it"
06:20  Stow the style guide!
08:40  Getting centered during a media frenzy
09:45  Why not survey DURING worship?
10:50  Conference participants react:
          Matthew Peters, Fortville Christian Church, Fortville, IN
          Matt McConnell, Park Chapel, Greenfield, IN
          Colt Melrose, Bethel Church, Crown Point, IN
          Amanda Pelser, Southbrook Church, Weddington, NC

Other links:
Workshops at Granger

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During the summer of 2010, I met a man who shared his story of leaving the gay lifestyle. With the recent news reports about the changes at a similar organization, Exodus International, I thought it would be timely to repost this interview.


"Outpost Ministries exists to help the sexually and relationally broken find healing and restoration through relationship with Jesus Christ."—from the Outpost Ministries website:

A conversation with Nate Oyloe, Director of Youth & Young Adults Ministries, Outpost Ministries.

Last summer, I traveled with a group of middle-school children and my church’s youth minister to Bemidji, MN, for a week-long camp experience. Part of that experience included a two-part talk by Nate Oyloe, Director of Youth and Young Adults Ministries for Outpost Ministries, Robbinsdale, MN.

Nate’s topic was his journey from living a homosexual lifestyle that centered around same-sex attraction, to a change that has led him in a different direction in his physical and spiritual life.

If that last sentence raises your hackles, you aren't alone. Homosexuality is a topic that does that these days in the United States and elsewhere. People have become polarized about the matter for religious, political, social and personal reasons.

My views have been shaped by my background, which may be different than yours. Regardless, I ask you to keep an open mind as you listen to my recent interview of Nate. One of the reasons that compelled me to interview him was his personal story of moving from same-sex attraction to a heterosexual relationship with his wife. I’ve heard people get angry when someone suggested that this is possible, or desirable.

Personally, I don’t see my attraction to the opposite sex being something that I could (or would want to) change. Why would that be different for someone with a same-sex attraction?

Nate answered that during his talk in Minnesota, and he shared something just as important for people to hear. The “goal” of Outpost Ministries isn’t to convert every homosexual to heterosexuality.

They have a goal that every Christian in the world should rank as #1: Sharing the good news about Jesus Christ with other people. That good news is for the sick, the broken, the poor in possessions and spirit, and everyone else who is trapped by some sin in their lives.

Sin in OUR lives, because that’s all of us, folks!

I have family members, coworkers and friends who are living in the gay lifestyle. My biggest concern is that they might not receive the healing from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ because they link Jesus with gay-bashers and hate-mongers.

Nate is different. His message is different, and it is one that I’m hearing more and more in my religious circles.

Don’t prejudge. Listen to this short interview and then either leave me a comment, or contact Outpost Ministries. Their website is


00:00 to 03:19 – Intro/Why this topic

03:20 to 04:30 – Nate's background

04:31 to 05:30 – What is Outpost Ministries

05:31 to 07:25 – Research regarding same-sex attraction

07:26 to 08:30 – Can same-sex attraction be changed?

08:31 to 11:44 – Is homosexuality a sin, and if so, is that sin worse than other sins?

11:45 to 12:15 – Redeemed people go to Heaven

12:16 to 13:30 – The opposite of homosexuality isn't heterosexuality

13:31 to 16:05 – Serve gays, don't bash them

16:06 to 18:22 – The cross is enough

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