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During the summer of 2010, I met a man who shared his story of leaving the gay lifestyle. With the recent news reports about the changes at a similar organization, Exodus International, I thought it would be timely to repost this interview.


"Outpost Ministries exists to help the sexually and relationally broken find healing and restoration through relationship with Jesus Christ."—from the Outpost Ministries website:

A conversation with Nate Oyloe, Director of Youth & Young Adults Ministries, Outpost Ministries.

Last summer, I traveled with a group of middle-school children and my church’s youth minister to Bemidji, MN, for a week-long camp experience. Part of that experience included a two-part talk by Nate Oyloe, Director of Youth and Young Adults Ministries for Outpost Ministries, Robbinsdale, MN.

Nate’s topic was his journey from living a homosexual lifestyle that centered around same-sex attraction, to a change that has led him in a different direction in his physical and spiritual life.

If that last sentence raises your hackles, you aren't alone. Homosexuality is a topic that does that these days in the United States and elsewhere. People have become polarized about the matter for religious, political, social and personal reasons.

My views have been shaped by my background, which may be different than yours. Regardless, I ask you to keep an open mind as you listen to my recent interview of Nate. One of the reasons that compelled me to interview him was his personal story of moving from same-sex attraction to a heterosexual relationship with his wife. I’ve heard people get angry when someone suggested that this is possible, or desirable.

Personally, I don’t see my attraction to the opposite sex being something that I could (or would want to) change. Why would that be different for someone with a same-sex attraction?

Nate answered that during his talk in Minnesota, and he shared something just as important for people to hear. The “goal” of Outpost Ministries isn’t to convert every homosexual to heterosexuality.

They have a goal that every Christian in the world should rank as #1: Sharing the good news about Jesus Christ with other people. That good news is for the sick, the broken, the poor in possessions and spirit, and everyone else who is trapped by some sin in their lives.

Sin in OUR lives, because that’s all of us, folks!

I have family members, coworkers and friends who are living in the gay lifestyle. My biggest concern is that they might not receive the healing from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ because they link Jesus with gay-bashers and hate-mongers.

Nate is different. His message is different, and it is one that I’m hearing more and more in my religious circles.

Don’t prejudge. Listen to this short interview and then either leave me a comment, or contact Outpost Ministries. Their website is


00:00 to 03:19 – Intro/Why this topic

03:20 to 04:30 – Nate's background

04:31 to 05:30 – What is Outpost Ministries

05:31 to 07:25 – Research regarding same-sex attraction

07:26 to 08:30 – Can same-sex attraction be changed?

08:31 to 11:44 – Is homosexuality a sin, and if so, is that sin worse than other sins?

11:45 to 12:15 – Redeemed people go to Heaven

12:16 to 13:30 – The opposite of homosexuality isn't heterosexuality

13:31 to 16:05 – Serve gays, don't bash them

16:06 to 18:22 – The cross is enough

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